Residential building of PPE accommodation in la Chapelle (PPE = storey-ownership housing)

Immeuble de logements PPE à la Chapelle

Building K is in the la Chapelle neighbourhood in Grand-Lancy and belongs to a series of 18 residential buildings, 10 of which were built in a first stage and were inaugurated in October 2014. The general plans were created by our town-planning firm, with the aim of offering an urban quality of life within the countryside. The buildings are situated within a park with numerous trees, paths reserved for pedestrians and cyclists and a large esplanade covers the communal car park.

Building K has 39 PPE properties spread over 6 floors, meaning 6 apartments on each floor and 4 attic apartments. This architectural achievement includes a metal facade with prebuilt concrete balconies placed alternately to create the double height. 

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Fondation Berthe Bonna Rapin

Surface (SP)


Apart from the 3P, all the flats are on a corner and so face in two directions with a large extension of the indoor spaces outwards. This double outlook is reinforced by the double height between the balconies, freeing up space to let in light but also for the views. The spaces are created in a contemporary way with the living room, kitchen and dining room forming one same room. A generous hallway leads to the different areas with the bedrooms being clearly separated and differentiated.