A Nursery in Meyrin

Une crèche à Meyrin

A Home for Childhood
The new building will house two institutions: a day-care centre for 90 children and a nursery for 60 children. It is conceived as an object within a park just like a house sits within its garden.

A Privileged Relationship with the Outdoors
As soon as you enter the building and right through into the living spaces, the children can move around the spaces characterised by their spatial quality and abundance in natural light. The living areas all benefit from direct access to outside: the garden for the day-care centre and the terrace for the nursery. At snack and lunch times, the two entities meet, enabling the children to enjoy both the garden and the terrace.

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Meyrin GE CH


Commune de Meyrin

Surface (SP)


Volumetry and Materiality
The hollows within the building offer good protection from the sun in Summer without preventing the opportunity for natural light in Winter when the sun is lower. The chosen materials favour the relationship between the exposed concrete and the wood.

The services are grouped around a central area structured as both the hallways of the project and a functional transition between the two.
By favouring adjustable spaces, the arrangement of the two care structures will favour the link between the two groups.
"Buffer” areas will enable the creation of “calm areas”, a transition between playtime and naptime.