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The volume of glass and polished steel seizes its surrounding environment and “climate”. It changes and reacts to the light, to the reflections of the sky and to the atmosphere of the river Arve. It is always different and never the same. The partially transparent façade allows its inner world to shine through. Depending on the activities taking place, it varies at every hour of the day and the night. It is a show case of a working community, always moving, with the connections and networks showing through the big windows at the big scale of the city. There is no indication of levels, no small windows, but a fluent and active pixel like texture suggesting activities of communication, stream and network. There is equally no image of a “fortress”, quite on the contrary the large openings towards the landscape create an image of many display cabinets for the encounter and exchange between the employees and the public, paying attention to the issues of the contemporary world.
Presently the tower is a rectangular volume with a vertical orientation. It is a celebrated landmark, slightly cold and relatively opaque. The project proposes to not only work with its façade but also with its volume, so that the landmark will become a symbol…
a) Open the form…the volume in form of an “I” becomes a “z”; a solitary form becomes a form integrated in its environment.
b) Addition of a poetical aspect to the form… a building with a strong vertical orientation due to steel elements becomes a building pixelated by steel elements; a volume without image becomes a volume of images; a silent volume becomes a murmuring volume; it has been turned into a cheerful building.

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